Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antique Lamps and Lamp Shades

Antique lamps are a timeless design classic that can suit just about any interior design scheme. Like other design classics, their appeal lies in not just their charm but their adaptability along with being entirely functional.

Lighting a house creates the finishing touch that turns it into a home.  Antique lamps are available in a wide range of designs and styles, from the classic Georgian styles, to Chinese and Japanese porcelains, or to the vintage designs of the 20th century.

Whatever style you choose, an antique lamp can complement your interior design and make
a thoughtful and unique gift.  Buying an antique lamp is one thing, but fitting the right lamp shade is another. This, however, can be a lot more tricky!

It is relatively easy to buy a lamp shade and many suppliers operate on the internet as well as from specialist shops. Sourcing specific styles is straightforward with specialist suppliers, with a huge variety of lamp shades to choose from.  But !, have you ever had the experience of buying a lamp shade, only to come home and fit the shade, only to find it is halfway down the lamp, or perched on the top of the lamp, looking utterly silly!
It is almost impossible to simply go out and buy a lamp shade and find it to be a perfect fit. My advice is to take the lamp base with you and if nobody minds, put every shade you like on the lamp until the right one appears!

However, after many years of antique lamps and lamp shades, I can confirm, that for the
perfect fit, a lamp shade, just like a garment, has to be made to measure. If you are seriously decorating, you will know that high end interior design demands careful attention to detail and that includes lamp shades.
For a wedding, birthday, or special occasion, an antique lamp can be the perfect gift for the right person. Of course, you need to be sure that the style and design is something they will appreciate, but for the right person they make a fantastic gift that will receive pride of place in their home.

For antique lovers, a lamp will be a well-received gift and if there home already contains
a strong antique theme, choosing a lamp to suit should be easy.  Antique lamps can also be good retirement gift.

Vintage ‘bankers' lamps for a home office or study are popular when it comes to this type of gift. A banker's lamp is instantly recognisable, with green glass and brass making visually attractive feature, providing a subtle relaxing background for reading or working on that novel that there was never time to complete before retirement!

Antique and vintage lamps come in a variety of styles and so do lamp shades, a lamp without
a shade, really is like the horse without the cart. The combination of a beautiful silk shade will make the most of the subtle ambience that lamplight has to offer.

For antique lamps, finding a suitable fabric to match the lamp will complete the look. It is worth remembering, that not all fabrics are "lamp shade friendly," with silk and linen being the most suitable.

Some specialists will offer a service that includes custom making the right shade for your chosen base. With the right fabric and a skilful shade maker – your lamp design will be complete.  For simple lamp designs a straightforward plain silk shade can't be beaten, while others will benefits from bold, coloured shades that set off the designs on the lamp itself.

Whether it is as a gift or a final touch to make your house your own, an antique lamp can
provide just the right detailing to your room. For lounges, drawing rooms and dining rooms, low level lighting creates a homely touch, and for landings and hallways, lamps create a welcoming feel.

Antique lamps don't just need to be placed in antique settings – although do work particularly well in period homes.  Mixing old and new furniture and accessories can work wonderfully well, creating stunning feature pieces and an eclectic look that gives a home a tasteful style that can be adapted to create a unique look.
Antique lamps have a sense of history and individuality, inbuilt, that will make your home stand out from the crowd and for the right person will make a perfect and thoughtful gift.

A stylish, chic and unique gift for weddings, retirement or that special person in your life, antique lamps make a great statement and would be the perfect present for many people looking to create a unique and individual look to their home.

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