Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Basics on Determining the Value of Porcelain Figurines

Many of us have those cute little porcelain figurines around the house that we refer to as knickknacks. However, there are quite a number of people out there who put a lot of time and careful consideration into their porcelain figurine collections. Although a large number of people have never seriously considered the worth of some of the figurines we have in our possession, we could be sitting on a piece that is worth a great deal. With this in mind I would like to give a few pointers and clues to look for so that you will be able to have at least a basic grasp on the possible value of your collection.

Determining the theme of a porcelain figurine is important. What I am referring to is what time period does the piece represent?

For example, if your figurine is a woman dressed in a gown from the French court she could possibly be representative of the Louis XVI period. This type of information can prove very useful, many large, well known collectors who purchase from the person who just so happens to have the piece they need, collect only pieces from certain time periods and are willing to pay a substantial amount for the piece they are seeking.

Knowing the various manufacturing companies that produce porcelain figurines is also a benefit. Many companies are no longer in business, this can add value to pieces that were produced by such companies. Numerous collectors seek these figurines due to their limited quality, and as there will be no more produced under that particular name they gain in value.

Familiarity with the artists who did the designs and detail work of porcelain figurines will also provide you with significant information. Many figurines that were designed by a particular artist grow in appreciation and become more valuable over time. This proves very true especially after the death of an artists, as in the Art world, many artists' work gains significantly in value after their death. The reason for this is due to the fact that there will be no further work produced by the artist, making the work now available even more desirable, because of the limited number of examples available of the artist's work.

There are many other factors that can play a part in determining a porcelain figurine's value, but these are the three best ways I have found.

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