Friday, June 3, 2011

Beach House Furniture Collecting

The sparkling blue of the ocean laps against the white sands of a calm, quiet beach. The hot and intense summer sun hangs in the blue sky above. People flock under the shady spots on the beach, either from the palm trees and their leaves or an arrangement of umbrellas in the sand. The clink of glasses and bottles is heard as people hydrate themselves. More chairs and tables are needed as more people gather. Bringing furniture to a beach gathering is extremely smart, and with portable furniture this becomes quite an easy task. On the beach, sand is a major player, and the furniture needs to be resistant to the detrimental effects of it as well.

Beach furniture is a very common find in the cars of those who enjoy outdoor activities. The variety of beach furniture is nearly limitless. Beach furniture reacts well to the same environment they are specialized for - the sea and the shore. One of the most important aspects of beach furniture is that it needs to be built to resist both sea salt corrosion and sand wear. Beach furniture is possibly the most portable type of furniture on the market today. These pieces are often built to be able to fold easily and into compact shapes. The joints of beach furniture are very small, with large sleeves to accommodate bending. This enables the furniture to be folded into a very small shape. This size allows for easy packing in cars and overall portability. Packing trunks for camping or other outdoor excursions is made easier with beach furniture.

Brass is one of the few metals that resist sea salt and its corrosion, which is why beach furniture can use this metal well. Brass can also simply be the coating for these pieces as well. Cloth that is light but sturdy is used to cross over the bars of these pieces, which enables the folding of beach furniture. The ease of replacing the cloth of these chairs makes them last for a very long time. Replacing the pieces of cloth can result in these items seeming like completely new installments. Other types of this furniture are crafted from metal, plastic, or wood.

The advantages of wood over metal is that wood does not rust, period. Wood, however, is very heavy when compared to lightweight metal furniture. Woods most suited for beach environments are light woods like ash. Driftwood is also used in an ironic and eccentric way to make these pieces. The fragility of driftwood is offset by its unmatched silky texture. Driftwood is hence most preferred in pieces that are used within a house.
Because driftwood ages well, many rustic pieces of beach furniture are made from it. The popularity of nautical decor is due to the fact it is so transportable and long-lasting.These furniture pieces are great to have on hand when at the beach.Most of the time, these installments are painted many different eclectic colors in order to attract attention.

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  1. I agree with most of your point. When I reach 50 years old and above I want to spend the rest of my life in a house near the beach, I really like beach it relaxes me.

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